1 Q: Why the display running failed of restart repeatedly after installing?


A:1.Please make sure your phone’s Android Version is 8.0 or above.

2.If there is no way of upgrading the Android Version, please find the following link to download the old smart app but there is no wake up function.



Magic Mirror App/Side window App

  1. Q: What are the possible reasons for Samsung’s mobile not working properly after installing software?


A: <1>No permission of allowing pop-up notifications for the application
THE SOLUTION: Launch the permission


<2> No permission of allowing the program to access the phone

THE SOLUTION: Launch the permission


<3> The pocket prevent touch function is enabled.

THE SOLUTION: The function needs to be turned off. The location of the function (Setting –Display- Pocket prevent touch)


  1. Q: The Time-displaying font is too large after installing the side window software, causes week-name of the second row could not be seen. How to solve the problem?


A: The location: Setting- Display – Screen Zoom


The font size problem can be solved by adjusting the screen zoom ratio.


1 问:为什么安装后显示运行屡次重启失败?


魔镜APP  侧窗APP

2 问:三星手机安装软件后不能正常工作可能有哪些原因引起的?


<2>允许程序访问电话的程序没有开通 ,解决需要访问电话功能

<3> 口袋防止触碰功能被启用,需要关闭该功能,该功能位于位于设置—显示—-口袋防止触碰

4 问:安装侧窗软件后时间显示字体太大,导致第二排的星期看不到怎么解决


答:设置–显示–屏幕缩放 调整屏幕缩放比率即可解决字体大小问题